Guideline Compline Pro (100 meter)

Nyhet 2024! Bestselgeren Compline kommer nå i en oppgradert utgave, og større spoler. Fås i 25, 35, 45 og 55 lb. Spoler a 100 meter.

NOK449,00 inkl. mva.
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We are thrilled to launch the brand new Compline PRO™, which probably is our best shooting line so far! With its oval shape it cuts through water when shooting like never before and you will easily see it thanks to its bright Hi-vis colors. Super smooth, extra stretch with a lower diameter makes this line a fantastic shooting line. The material is truly amazing as it is easy to get complete straight even when dry, and never before have we been able to get kinks out of the lines this easy. Comes in 4 different LBS and are sold in 100m spools with a marking at 50m.


The surface gives you a super slick feeling that also last and doesnt go away after using it for a while. We are also so happy about the fact the any kink you will get on the line from knots and tangle, will more or less go completely away every time. Never before has it been that easy to get rid of the kinks! We chose to make the colors much brighter and with higher saturation than before, giving you a extremely visible line even in dusk light. It is sold in 100m spools where you have a marking on 50m if you would like to divide on to two reels. The Compline PRO™ is truly a something else and is the best there is!


Compline PRO™ available versions:
Compline PRO™ 25 lbs - 100 m spool, White
Compline PRO™ 35 lbs - 100 m spool, Orange
Compline PRO™ 45 lbs - 100 m spool, Yellow
Compline PRO™ 55 lbs - 100 m spool, Green

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