Guideline ULS 2.0 Switch

Nyhet 2024! Ny lett switch-serie fra Guideline! Perfekt til mindre elver. Fås i 4 modeller, fra klasse 5-8, i lengde 10,6' og 11'.

NOK4 999,00 inkl. mva.
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The Guideline ULS 2.0 fly rods redefine the classic switch rod experience, offering enhanced user-friendliness for both single and double-hand applications. The Ultra Light Scandi series is a versatile powerhouse, excelling in tasks from streamer casting and Trout Spey to swinging flies for larger migrating species like Atlantic salmon and Steelhead across various rivers and streams. With their 4-piece construction, these rods not only deliver exceptional performance but also boast portability, making them convenient for travel.


Ideal for smaller to mid-sized rivers, these rods also prove their place in larger systems during low water periods. Their lighter line weights make them equally adept at single or double-handed use, excelling in overhead and Spey casting, earning them the title of "true switch rods" in Scandinavian angling parlance. The ULS 2.0 series transcends its river and stream origins, proving equally effective for stillwater fishing, showcasing the adaptability that defines Guideline's commitment to versatile and all round fly fishing gear.




ULS 2.0 10´6" #5

The perfect rod for smaller streams and rivers, targeting various resident or migrating trout species, covering the whole "Trout Spey" spectra. It also works beautiful as a lake rod as it still is very light and carries WF #5-6 lines perfectly, as well as the ULS shooting heads. 


ULS 2.0 10´6" #6

This rod would probably be used more as a dedicated river and stream rod as its getting higher up in line weights, but will still easily throw a streamer on the coastal line. A bit longer rod is a great choice whilst wading deep or sitting in a belly boat! Its a perfect "big brother" to the #5 and covers the same range of fishing, but will manage a bit larger flies and heavier lines better.


ULS 2.0 11´ #7

Probably the most universal rod in the range, covering all types of migrating trout to larger salmon in small to mid size rivers. For the angler thats targeting migrating brown trout/sea trout and steelhead, this will be THE rod for you! It still has enough power to deal with large Atlantic salmon and will not let you down when you want to get some good distance to cover water. The ULS multi tip/shooting heads, or 3D+ Compact will balance this setup perfectly.


ULS 2.0 11´ #8

If Atlantic salmon or big trout is your game, this is your "go to rod" as it is the most powerful rod in the range. Even though you are now working with heavier lines, you will still be able to match this up for comfortable single hand spey casting! This rod is definitely the rod in the range most suitable for mid size to larger rivers, and if needed, will handle sinking lines easily.




  • New and improved high modules blank construction with spiral pattern.
  • Customized satin matte black reel seat with metallic blue trims and Ultra Light Scandi engraved.
  • Newly designed and improved cork handle.
  • Non-tangle style stripper guides and single leg chrome running guides.
  • Grey bluish colored blank in matte finish. Matching dark blue wrappings with metallic blue trims.
  • Delivered with rod bag and a lightweight rod tube in matching color.




Model Lenght Line Weight Parts Handle, front/back Rec. head weight
ULS 2.0 10'6" #5 128 g 4 pc 240 mm / 85 mm 12-15 g / 185-231 grains
ULS 2.0 10'6" #6 132 g 4 pc 240 mm / 85 mm 14-17 g / 216-262 grains
ULS 2.0 11'0" #7 142 g 4 pc 240 mm / 85 mm 16-19 g / 247-293 grains
ULS 2.0 11'0" #8 146 g 4 pc 240 mm / 85 mm 18-22 g / 278-340 grains


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